Fertility Issues and Infertility Therapy

What is Fertility Counseling?

Fertility counseling is a type of talk therapy that is used to help couples dealing with various fertility issues.

During a fertility counseling session, you talk with a trained professional about the emotions that you are experiencing as you struggle through infertility. Your counselor helps you to understand these emotions and aids you in finding healthy ways to deal with these feelings.

Fertility counselors also assist you in making decisions regarding fertility treatments and other options, like adoption, that you can pursue in order to become a parent. This type of counseling is usually conducted by a psychiatrist, psychologist, or sex therapist with special knowledge in the area of infertility.

Who Can Benefit from Fertility Counseling?

Anyone undergoing fertility diagnosis or treatment is advised to have at least one session with a fertility counselor. Most fertility clinics require that you and your partner meet with a counselor before treatment begins, in order to discuss your feelings surrounding your infertility. You may decide to have more sessions with your counselor as your treatment progresses.

Fertility counseling is especially advised if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • prolonged depression
  • extreme stress
  • anxiety
  • feelings of guilt, anger, or blame
  • mood swings
  • preoccupation with infertility
  • loss of interest in other activities
  • change in appetite or weight
  • change in sleep patterns
  • increased use of drugs or alcohol
  • relationship problems
  • suicidal thoughts or self harm

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Fertility: One Or More Factors May Influence A Couple’s Chances Of Achieving A Pregnancy. Although The Physiological Events That Lead To Pregnancy Are Highly-Orchestrated And Integrated, It Is Easier To Conceptualize These Factors When They Are Categorized As Follows:

• Ovarian

• Tubal

• Uterine

• Cervical

• Peritoneal

• Male

• Unexplained

A Full Evaluation, Tailored To A Couple’s Fertility History, May Identify One Or More Areas That Can Be Treated In Order To Facilitate Pregnancy With The Patients’ And Physicians’ Ultimate Goal, A Live Birth, In Mind.

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